About Alternative Minds...

Alternative Minds are an innovative and thoroughly modern company providing business, management and marketing solutions to organisations of all sizes, shapes and industries.

We deliver outstanding results through a number of factors, including our unique, highly flexible associate network and the way we have embraced the network economy. Alternative Minds provide the experience, knowledge and expertise required to develop any business and which is the most important source of competitive advantage today. Alternative Minds provides the experience, knowledge and expertise required for our clients to meet their needs and business goals in the most flexible way possible - on demand - and in addition gives organisations access to resources which would not otherwise be accessible. You use our experience and expertise when you need them and only when you need them.

We work in the most cost-effective manner and we only work where we can add value. We do not rely on any single methodology, process or "off-the-shelf" solution, but instead always use 'best of breed' solutions to match both your requirements and the available budgets. We always agree fees before commencement of an assignment and we always maintain the highest possible ethics, which regretfully not all consultancies do. Our results remain the property of the client and they are strictly confidential to the client.