• Retail Marketing Management, 2nd ed. by Prof. David Gilbert. This book offers an approach that marries retail marketing theory with the newer retail concepts and international examples. It starts by looking at the nature of retailing as an activity, then introduces retail marketing, followed by a discussion of consumer behaviour, the retail marketing mix, and other important issues such as location strategies, branding, the application of IT and ethics. It takes an intergrated approach to explaining the process of internalization, and the inclusion of plenty of international examples reinforces this approach.
  • Tourism: Principles and Practice by Prof. David Gilbert. The best-selling tourism textbook offering a complete framework of theory and practice for students of tourism, providing the fundamental and underlying principles. It takes a thematic approach, underpinning the various concepts and demonstrating the linkages within this complex subject area. The book provides a blend of theoretical principles and practice using international examples and models.
  • Selection and Recruitment: A Critical Text by Dr. Rosalind H. Searle. This text investigates the issues and contradictions which surround the theory of assessment, recruitment and selection. In addition to this, it underlines the day-to-day practicalities of setting up strategies and policies within a business.