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The PRocter Consultancy Client Testimonial
   “We chose Alternative Minds because we wanted to be confident that our product offering was 21st century leading edge - they committed to delivering the latest thinking, research and current best practice. In essence the research has ratified our existing portfolio and given us ideas for the next generation of products too.
    We particularly liked the balance between academic research and the business world - key to our proposition.
   Our contact at Alternative Minds was Jeff Hurst, who undertook the research for us personally. Jeff quickly understood our business needs and worked around our busy schedules, delivering information which helped in the implementation of the extensive results. Jeff's style made it easy to adapt the way we worked together which made the results much easier for us to use in our business.
    Alternative Minds proved to be highly effective, very efficient, incredibly flexible and tremendous value for money!”
Jo Thomson
Managing Director
The Procter Consultancy