Alternative Minds Market Research...

Alternative Minds help clients gain the marketing insight and intelligence necessary for informed business decisions, through the discovery, analysis and interpretation of marketing data and information. We are able to undertake most types of qualitative, quantitative and desk research using our own resources. We are able to conduct focus groups, workshops and face-to-face interviews ourselves in a highly cost-effective manner.

We take a very scientific stance on market research, systematically gathering, recording and analysing data and information about customers, competitors and the market on behalf of our clients. Our research has helped clients create accurate business plans, launch new products and services, refine their existing products and services, and expand into new markets.

The market research we undertake is typically both primary and secondary research. We undertake secondary research using a vast array of applicable sources which always proves to be cost-effective but sometimes proves to be not specific to the required area. This secondary research invariably helps focus the research questions for the primary research though. The primary market research we undertake includes focus groups, surveys, field tests, interviews and observation. Our primary research is always conducted and tailored specifically to each clients needs.