Alternative Minds Project Management...

Not only does Alternative Minds use the highest quality project managers in our client projects, but we also supply Project Managers (PMs) to organisations aiming to bring together the resources, skills, technology and ideas to achieve their business objectives and deliver business benefits. Our PMs ensure risks are identified and managed, and objectives and benefits are achieved within budget, within time and to the required quality.

All of our Project Managers are both educated and experienced in Project Management and possess the skills needed to deliver results from project inception to completion. Our PMs have excellent negotiation and communication skills and are experienced at dealing with senior management, direct reports, clients, support organisations and other stakeholders. Our PMs have invaluable planning and organisation skills enabling them to build the proper foundation for your project's success. All of our associates are effective problem solvers skilled at analysing problems and making timely, strategic decisions having isolated the root cause of a problem. All of Alternative Minds' PMs lead by example, set the highest standards, aim for excellence and are constantly learning.

Our Project Managers balance quality, schedule, cost and scope at all times, understand their objectives and know that project management is a balancing act that will deliver results to your organisation.