Alternative Minds Qualitative Research...

Qualitative research obtains data from a relatively small group of respondents which is not analysed statistically. Alternative Minds typically uses qualitative research as a prelude to quantitative research, to help the client define the problem, generate hypotheses etc. Qualitative research is extremely valuable when exploring an issue and is more effective than quantitative research in exploring and identifying subconscious motivations. Qualitative research results cannot be safely generalised to the whole population as sample size is usually too small.

Our qualitative research projects typically use a direct approach and disclose the purpose of and client for the research project. Our expert researchers ask questions that are direct and to the point. However, we do undertake projects using an indirect approach as long as a debriefing session is conducted with all respondents upon completion in which the true purpose of the research is given and the reason for the deception explained.

Alternative Minds has used a number of qualitative research techniques to help clients understand various aspects of their business, including In-depth Interviews, Focus Groups and Projective Techniques. We have developed innovative mechanisms for efficiently exploring and recording peoples views, opinions and perceptions, then delivering the results using qualitative research techniques without incurring some of the excessive costs usually associated with such projects.