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Alternative Minds Organisational Strategy... Alternative Minds works closely with our clients to develop winning organisational strategies which are also readily developed into plans that are executable by the client. Several of our clients have received poor advice before they worked with us in our opinion because the organisation was not able to actually create the change in the strategies suggested by their previous consulting partners. This results in substantial costs being incurred and damage being done to the organisation. By understanding this, Alternative Minds has not only help deliver winning strategies, but also ensured they are implemented rapidly. Alternative Minds always delivers a blend of academic insight and professional skills coupled with high levels of experience that has specific relevance to the client organisation. This allows us to identify, develop, evaluate and implement winning growth strategies for our clients. These might involve expanding in to new sectors, entering new geographic regions, extending the organisation's capabilities, developing and launching new products and services, exiting existing markets or possibly revitalising the existing marketing plans. These strategies might be achieved through organic growth, acquisition or strategic partnership. To find out how your business, whether a corporate, a new start-up or something inbetween, can identify the winning strategy which can be implemented readily, Contact Alternative Minds.