Strategy Development...

Alternative Minds helps clients with their strategic management and overall direction of the organisation in a number of ways. We provide experience, insight and pure hard work to help our clients master the art and science of formulating, implementing and evaluating the cross-functional decisions that are required as part of the winning strategy for that organisation. In addition, Alternative Minds provide experience in the subsequent implementation of strategies to enable our clients' organisations to achieve all of their objectives.

To develop a truly winning strategy the activities of the various functional areas of a business must be viewed and thoroughly understood. Often few members of the clients' organisation can achieve this on top of their existing workload. We provide highly capable additional resources and an external perspective which enable organisations to achieve their organisational objectives. Our experience also ensure there are simple, often automated, metrics in place for measuring the effectiveness of the developed strategy.

Alternative Minds keep the whole organisation fully involved and informed at all times, as the client requires, and can readily present interim and final results to the CEO / Board of directors / executive team, keeping them fully involved and informed without monopolising their time. We use the same resources throughout the strategy implementation too, reducing the start-up time and minimising any costs.