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Alternative Minds Strategy Implementation... Successful strategy implementation not only requires a high-quality, well thought out and pragmatic strategy, but also requires the correct allocation and management resources, whether financial, human, time, or IT resources with strong project management throughout. Our clients have noted that there is often a compelling business case for using external resources for strategy implementation because the goals of the strategy will be achieved much faster, often gaining a competitive advantage which would be lost using only internal resources. Alternative Minds can help with strategy implementation in many ways, besides providing suitable expertise. Our Project Managers know how to form successful projects and project teams; establishing a clear chain of command across cross functional teams, assigning responsibility for tasks / processes to individuals / teams, actively managing the process throughout the implementation, monitoring results, benchmarking, ensuring use of current best practice, evaluating the efficacy and efficiency of the process, controlling for variances, establishing valid and relevant metrics, measuring the effectiveness of the implemented strategy, and making adjustments to the process as required. Success can also depend on acquiring the requisite resources, developing the process, training and development of those involved, process testing, clear and usable documentation, and integration with (and/or conversion from) legacy processes. Alternative Minds can help organisations in all of these areas.